Saturday, December 26, 2009

getting ready

Hi spider bees!
I am in the process of getting my fabric ready to send out and I thought I would post my requests.
I am going to go with:
2. Send my fabric out and request that you each add to what I have sent from your own stash.
Please feel free to do whatever you like with the scraps I send to you. You can use them in my block, or keep them for your self if you like and use other fabric in my blocks. Please don't send the scraps back to me, I am trying to use them up and I have plenty to go around:)
I found some tea stained muslin that I am going to use as a base for my blocks.
I am also requesting that everyone use the Quiltville tutorial. I have been using it and it is pretty easy to follow.
That is all I can think of for now. I plan on going to the post office on Monday to mail everyone's envelope out.
Personally, I am declaring 2010 a year of getting rid of the excess in my life. Excess fabric, debt, weight, to name a few. Anybody with me???