Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brioni's beautiful blocks

How's that for a little alliteration to start the post??? :) But seriously, Brioni's fabrics are beautiful and the fussy cut centers something I never would have thought of. The individual webs sewed up quickly and I was humming through putting the blocks together when I thought maybe I had better check the line up of the center flower. Yup- you guessed it - totally off base, so out came the seam ripper- a little ripping apart - then my bobbin ran out and it took awhile before I noticed.. Anyway- all was fixed- the blocks are sewn together- the flowers line up reasonably well- and before I could mess up anything else I packaged them up and they are on their way over the pond. Can't wait to see your end result Brioni!! It's going to be gorgeous!!


  1. They are definitely beautiful! Can't wait to get started on my own so I can see what the design looks like in person. It's going to be such a cool quilt!

  2. They are gorgeous and all the blocks are starting to come in thisk and fast now. I have 12 - plus 1 if i get get my last one finished.
    I'm hoping to find some time this weekend to get them on the design wall this weekend so when i do i'll show you all a pic!!

  3. Mine will go in the mail tomorrow along with my fabric for March. I will be doing some sewing tonight to get a better feel for my March block. Your blocks are beautiful!