Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Spiderweb Bee Blocks

This is it! The packets I have sent out are starting to be received. Here is the look I am going for in my blocks.

Please use the earth tones included in the fabrics sent. I like the look of the very thin black. It feels like the web of the spiderweb to me. The accent colors sent are more for an idea of what I am looking for and do not necessarily need to be used. Please combine your own fabrics to give the quilt a wonderful scrappy look!

I like stripes in the wedges as well.
Here are the accent colors..
Yellow for Sunshine
Blue for the sky and water
Green for grass
Red for fire
Brown and Blacks and all the shades of the earth.
A good mix of lights and darks make the sparkle. The blocks will need light fabrics to counter the dark brown kites.

I was thinking today it would be nice to have a signature from each of you on one of the strings. You can embroider it on or just use a permanent marker.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this bee. It has been so much fun.


  1. beautiful! i can't wait, and the idea of a signature on one of our web strings is great too! wish i would have thought of that also:)

  2. They look wonderful Theresa. What great ideas!