Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How gorgeous are these?

I'd say pretty GORGEOUS!!!

I am not particularly a fan of batiks, green or purple but look at how stunning this combo is! GENIUS I'd say!

I changed up the way i did these. Previously when i sewed on each and every strip i sewed though the paper foundation too, but not this time.
The only time i sewed through the paper this time was when sewing the first strip on. I then folded the paper back and sewed each new strip to the last using the foundation paper as a guide for placement. A bit like this tute:

It worked really well and make the process a whole lot speedier as i could keep my stitch length at 2.6mm and it made it TONS easier to remove the papers. Yay!


  1. Beautiful blocks!

    I had been thinking about whether we needed the paper after attaching the first strings, but was afraid to try it for fear of messing it up.
    Glad to have read your notes first, because I would probably have torn the paper off and then been sorry when it was time to trim at the end!

  2. I will have to try that with my next blocks.
    Thanks again. These are lovely!!!