Monday, November 30, 2009

Guidelines and a Question

Here are the guidelines for the bee. These are certainly open to change, but I want to make sure that we are on all the same page before we get started.

When it is your month you can do one of the following:
1. Send your fabric out and request that only that fabric be used.
2. Send your fabric out and request that we each add to what you have sent from our own stash
3. Send nothing and request that we all use our own stash and what you get back is potluck.

Regardless of which of the three options you choose, it would be wise to request the same color be used as the base star.

When it is your month have your fabric in the mail by the first or within a day or two of the first depending on when the first happens to fall.

If you are creating, have your finished squares in the mail by the 30th of the month, again with a day or two cushion on either side.

If you choose option 1 or 2 you can let us know if you want your scraps back or if you are ok with us keeping them.

Anna - beautiful block!!!! I think the second one is the one the one that we want. It will make piecing all of our blocks easier.

What did I miss?

Here's a question for you to comment on:
shall we make the same size square every month or let the "quilter-of-the-month" decide?


  1. I think that the quilter of the month can decide the size. I, for one, want to use the Quiltville tutorial which makes a 10 3/4" block. I think this is the same size that most (all?) of the other swappers on flickr use which would be nice if people wanted to swap others 1 on 1. But if others can explain to me how to make the template, I'll do any size :)

  2. I am good with any size really. Personally I like blocks that finish at 12 inches and are 12.5 unfinished. This seems to be pretty easy to trim to size and I have a lot of luck when receiving swap blocks with this size. I think having a good tutorial and template is going to be the key to making this successful. That way everyone is working with the same info for the blocks that they are sending. Just a thought.

  3. i'm fine with the quilter of the month deciding

  4. I am fine with the quilter of the month deciding too.

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  6. I am fine with the quilter of the month deciding too.

  7. I'm fine with the quilter deciding too!