Friday, November 27, 2009


Hi fellow Spider Bee Members,

I have been looking for some tutorials for our blocks.
Here are two really good ones that I have run across. There are also many beautiful pictures on these sights of completed Spider Webs.

The first one is by Marica Hohn over at QuiltersCache.

The second one is at Quiltville.

They both seem very user friendly. I am going to try to make some time this weekend and see if one is easier to follow than the other.

Here is a third option. Thanks to Greta for finding it. You can also follow the thread over on flikr.


  1. I am in. Sorting through scraps and getting ready! I'll look at the two sites as well. I have been to Quiltville numerous times to look around and started the scrappy bargello quilt. I am so excited to be in the Bee! Hello everyone. Just a note I like scrappy! The more scraps and variation the better.

  2. The main difference I see is that Quilter's Cache makes the strips uniform, while Quiltville's scrappy version makes them whatever thickness of scraps you have so that they don't match up. I'd def prefer the latter for mine, maybe we could designate which tutorial we want?

  3. Sorry for all the spamming of comments but I have lots of ideas :) I would also like to be able to specify preferences during our month. Since I've made and swapped quite a few of these now, here are some things I've noticed that varies that we might like to choose during our month.

    (1) The colors and/or styles of fabrics we'd like (assuming that you're asking others to use their scraps)
    (2) The amount of strips per "flag" (and relatedly, whether you want the strips the same thickness or scrappy like Quiltville)
    (3) Whether the strips have to all be straight or some can be angled (I can show an example of the latter because I didn't think of this at first)
    (4) Whether you'd prefer that the fabrics didn't repeat in the same block

    Hmmm, I think that's it, or at least all I can remember right now.