Monday, January 18, 2010

Blocks for Anna!

Here are my blocks for Anna! I had a lot of fun making them - I alternated my scraps with Anna's, so I think there is a good mix.

Spiderweb blocks for Anna

Here's a look before I started sewing. I had everything laid out on the ironing board, then had to move everything so I could iron. :)

ready to make Spiderweb blocks


  1. I do the same thing, Rach ;) There is never enough table space to hold all the scraps and fabric while making your blocks. The ironing board needs to be open for ironing. The cutting table, well, for cutting. I have a little bit of space on the backside of my sewing machine table that I use. But it fills up quickly.

  2. my table looked like a fabric store blew up while i was working on the spider web blocks! and it seems the further along i got, the worse it looked. there is something about string quilts that will do that i think, but the end result is always great!

  3. It's so funny, how many of us have the remote right there also? I need my electronic company when I sew for sure. Either music, the TV in the background or catching up with a series on HULU.
    Just no kids yapping at me! lol