Saturday, January 16, 2010

*squeal* ....Nearly my month.....

...not that i'm excited or anything :-)

Since i signed up this Bee i've been obsessing about my quilt.
I reall REALLY wanted fussy cut centres but i've never fussy cut any fabric before - because the thought of having a ton of waste just didn't sit very well with my OCD tendencies.

I already had a bit of Pop Garden fabric and was thrilled when this size of print worked (after spending hours and hours on the interweb with my face practically pressed against the monitor - trying to figure out how big the print on various fabrics was!).

I can even get some squares out of the waste and i'm planning on adding a border with these.

Heather Bailey is probably my most favouritist designer.
Her Freshcut fabric was the first set of fabric i bought from the US and I think all in all i single handedly kept her going with the amount of Freshcut i bought. Acres and acres of the stuff.
I was less thrilled with her Pop Garden and Bijoux ranges but you would never have guessed it I still bought enough of it to sink a battleship!
I'm not very good at being able to cut into fabric once i have it so this idea has been the perfect opportunity to chop it all up and put it all to good use.

I would like you all to use the Quiltville Tutorial.
The centres have already been cut for you and I would like you to only use the fabric i have sent. There should be enough but if you run out please give me a shout.

It's entirely up to you what you do with any scraps left (although it probably won't be much). If you have more scraps that you know what to do with and the last thing you need is someone elses, then send them back. If not then feel free to use them for your own or someone elses.
I hope you have fun and if you have any questions then give me a shout on Flickr.

As i'm in the UK i will be putting little packages in the post next week so please let me know on my Flickr thread when they arrive.

Thanks ladies!


  1. i saw your pic on flickr too and i think they are beautiful! i can't wait to get them:)

  2. Wow, I wouldn't have thought of using a fussy-cut center, but these look terrific! Opens up a whole new world of possibilities for my month. :)

    Can't wait to get the fabrics!

  3. I love what you've done! This is so fantastic!! And I love those colors and fabrics! Yay!

    Also, I just have to say, I am TOTALLY benefiting from being the last one to go! I am already being inspired and have some great ideas! Now as long as no one steals mine. ;)

  4. I never would have come up with this center design or these fabrics! That's what's going to make it so fun to sew these blocks next month! Oh my goodness we are going to have so many ***different*** spiderweb quilts! Yeah! Happy 2010! Way to go ladies!!!!!

  5. Nice! I love the fussy centers. I have some Heather Bailey in my stash should I run out ;) She is one of my favorite designers too.

  6. Holy fussy cutting! This is just beautiful!
    Thanks a lot, now I am going to totally have to rethink mine. =)

  7. Just about done! This has been such a refreshing project. Your colors are so different than anything I ever would have chosen. It makes it all the more enjoyable. I have been playing with the scraps too! I have a number of scrappy quilt projects that are ongoing. These fabrics will add a nice cheeriness to my projects. Thanks for letting us keep the scraps.